Since 2006, Tim Lamb Group has been the number one choice for dealers looking to sell, or purchase, a new vehicle dealership. Twelve regional directors handle billions of dollars per year in transactions for multiple dealer operators in every part of the United States and Canada. The Group has leveraged their factory management experience and retail dealership background to become the largest auto dealership sales and acquisitions firm in North America. 

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Building a successful business is a tremendous accomplishment and transitioning your business to the right buyer is the crowning jewel.  Whether you are looking to sell your company, or are looking to expand your business, utilizing a dealership broker can prove to be invaluable.   But, if done incorrectly can cost you time, money and create a very stressful experience.  Leveraging our experienced professional team will protect your confidentiality, attract ALL of the right buyers, negotiate the best terms and ensure a successful close.

Our Commitment to Confidentiality
Our utmost priority is to respect your confidentiality.  If word gets out that your business is for sale the game could be over before it even starts.   The TLG team acts a shield between our dealers and all prospective buyers.   We spend the necessary time vetting all interested parties to ensure they are qualified financially and approvable by the manufacturer prior to disclosing the dealership name and more intimate details of the operations.  As a mandatory requirement, all of our buyers are required to complete an enforceable confidentiality agreement prior to revealing any information about your business.

We Know All the Qualified Buyers
You likely have a handful of dealers you know that would have interest in buying your company.  Our job is to bring your buyers, along with our substantial list of qualified buyers to the table to ensure they have to compete to earn your business and optimize your goodwill.  Your job as the business owner is to keep your operations running efficiently and profitably, while our team will do all the work involved in selling your business.  We will ensure you avoid under-selling the business you worked so hard to build.

Creating a base multiple is not as simple as adding a “X” to the end of last year’s net profit.   A professional brokers job is to create a case for future projected earnings along with completing cash flow and EBITDA adjusted earnings to elevate your base multiple.  In addition, we dive deep into your financials to uncover legitimate add-backs to your profitability. Some that are industry standard add-backs and others that may be specific to your business.  Our valuations also take into consideration current market/franchise trends, geographic, demographic, competition and customer sentiment to add additional layers of intangible value to your business to derive the highest obtainable price.  We then professionally package the business to present to prospective buyers.

We Manage the Process
We understand how emotionally inundating and complex a business sale can be and we will be there with you along the way.  Unlike a real estate transaction, selling a franchised dealership is far more complex with many steps and frequent obstacles that will come up that we will assist you in overcoming.  Our job is to manage the transaction flow and keep all parties involved (Legal, Accounting, Buyer, Seller, Banks & OEM’s) moving forward towards a successful close.

Cost Savings
Aside from the obvious impacts to your business by dedicating your time to managing a Buy/Sell yourself, leveraging our team will add many layers of cost savings.  First of all, unlike many other brokers, we do not charge any up-front or retainer fees.  We get paid only when you get paid . . . at closing.  In addition, legal expenses alone can add up to over $100,000 for the more complex transactions or if you are not properly prepared when it’s time to engage an attorney.   We have multiple sample Letters of Intent that we can edit to fit your situation.  We also have many sample Asset Purchase Agreements that we can provide to help you further understand the process and level of detail needed when you decide it’s time to bring attorney on-board.  We have also dealt with multiple attorneys throughout North America and, if needed, can help you locate one that best fits your circumstance.  Furthermore, we will advise and recommend terms relative to your purchase agreements that will dramatically reduce your risks of goodwill reductions at close.



Targeted Buying is an exclusive service of Tim Lamb Group that was created in response to demand from dealers and dealer groups wanting a more comprehensive approach to pursuing, and buying, dealerships. The Targeted Buying process is carried out by our team of executives who target stores on your behalf, with complete anonymity if you choose, with your target criteria in mind. Our professionals will break down any dealer-to-dealer communication issues and approach each opportunity with the notion that everything is for sale. If you are looking to better balance your portfolio of dealerships, or thinking about buying your first store, Tim Lamb Group can introduce you to opportunities before they are openly marketed. And, we can help you coordinate your purchase with banking, accounting, and legal industry professionals.