Mark Beford  Director

mark beford


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With a career spanning over 40 years in the automotive industry, Mark has had experience working in, owning and operating dealerships.  He has also successfully executed multiple buy/sell agreements, both as a buyer and a seller.

With 30 years of experience being an owner-operator of multiple franchises, Mark instilled a successful culture of putting the customer's experience before anything else.  This focus led to Mark's dealerships being perennial recipients of the heavily coveted Ford President's award, which is given for extraordinary customer service and sales performance.

When it was time for Mark to sell his most recent franchise, the emotional decision was soon comforted with the great care he received from Tim Lamb and his organization.  Mark was impressed by how Tim handled the entire process, including the ability to negotiate favorable terms while keeping everyone's emotions in-check.  This provided for buyer and seller to develop and maintain a healthy relationship throughout the process, and allowed the new owners to continue to foster the successful culture that had already been built.  

Mark's award winning performance as a dealer operator, along with his extensive network of professionals, and personal experience with his own dealership buy-sells, will be the perfect fit to help facilitate a seamless transaction.